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Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Businesses and organizations that stand out from the rest use promotional videos that are creative, engaging, and visually captivating, to reach a greater audience with their products and services.

We work closely with all our clients to create promotional videos that tell a story or communicate a message, through creativity and a true passion for what we do.

Corporate Video

Corporate Videos

Businesses use corporate videos to raise awareness of their company brand, highlight a specific initiative, or as part of a marketing campaign. They can also be used for internal purposes.

Our corporate videos can be used in business settings, and are effective for employee training, instruction, recruitment, safety, and more.

social media videos

Social Media Videos

Social Media videos empower you to capture the attention of your followers and customers in a few quick seconds.

Social media videos are uniquely effective, because they condense information into easily viweable snippets of content, that are long enough to maintain viewers' attention, but short enough to leave them wanting more.

explainer video

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are becoming extremely popular and effective in online marketing, and are proven to increase conversion rates.

These fun and creative videos showcase your business or product using easy-to-understand animations and graphics. A creative explainer video can help you connect with customers in a whole new way.

drone video

Drone Videos

Capture breathtaking aerial drone videos in stunning 4K resolution.

Aerial footage is perfect for any project where you want to get a bird's eye view, such as real estate videos. Our professional-grade drone features a 4K camera and gimbal stabilizer to record smooth video from the sky.

Video Editing

Real Estate Videos

A professional Real Estate video can make all the difference when it comes to selling a property.

Our videos capture a property’s highlights, ensuring every element and detail is displayed attractively, with creative use of light, colour, and motion. We can also include aerial views of a property, giving your videos a creative edge.

Video Editing

Video Editing

Do you have a video that needs to be touched-up or edited? We can help you with that!

>We can take footage that you created yourself, and add titles, graphics, music, and more. Regardless of if your footage was shot with a phone or a professional camera, we can edit it, and adjust the color and sound, to make it amazing!

sound mixing

Audio Post Production

From creating original sound effects, composing and recording original music, to designing an immersive soundscape, we can create a distinctive sound that compliments your creative vision.

The experienced sound designers at Power web Media have recorded and mixed sound for a wide variety of film and television projects. We provide complete solutions for professional sound design, including audio editing, foley, music composition, mixing, and audio restoration.

Shure SM7B

Voiceover Recording

We provide professional voiceover recording and production services, delivering high-quality recordings that meet or exceed your specific requirements for any audio or video application.

A professional-quality voiceover can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your video. We can provide a selection of talented voiceover artists for you to choose from, and we use professional microphones and preamps in an acoustically treated space.


We offer flexible pricing and custom packages to meet your specific needs. Contact us for an individualized quote.

Social Media Videos

Includes videography on location up to four hours, as well as editing.
A one-minute social media video starts at $750.

Explainer videos

Includes animation, voiceover, and editing.
A two-minute explainer video starts at $1,200.

Promotional videos

Includes videography on location up to four hours, as well as editing.
A one-minute promotional video starts at $1,000.

Corporate videos

Includes videography on location up to eight hours, as well as editing.
A two-minute corporate video starts at $2,000.

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